The Original TY TUFF Goat-Tying -- Ride hard and TY TUFF!
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  TY TUFF goat tying dummies

• flexible lifelike legs make it a perfect simulation to a real goat
• helps you learn and understand the basics quickly and easily
• allows you to improve your technique without struggling against the weight, resistance and agility of a live goat
• helps you perfect a faster, more accurate tie
• gain consistency and confidence in your wrap and tie
• pack in your trailer to use for pre-performance warm up
• can be used indoors or outdoors
• durable

Used by many top goat tyers
Available to the public since 1997
Original TY TUFF
Original TY TUFF
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  Original TY TUFF - $220.00 + shipping
• stands 22” tall
• weighs 7-8 lb.
proportions are comparable to a medium size goat
Goat String
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NYLON goat strings

TY TUFF strings are exclusively made for TY TUFF, LLC by King’s Saddlery in Sheridan, WY.

TY TUFF nylon string - $15.00 + shipping
• 3 ply twisted nylon
• easy to handle and with plenty of ‘life’ for a quick wrap and tie.

TY TUFF Jr, nylon youth string - $15.00 + shipping
• small 3 ply nylon for the smaller goat tyer
• easy to handle and with plenty of ‘life’ for a quick wrap and tie.

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Other Equipment

Beeswax - $3.00 + shipping
• 1.4 oz
• for more ‘stick’ on your string to keep your tie from slipping
• Use on nylon, cotton, leather or braided strings.

TY TUFF Goat Rope
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  Goat Rope (10' regulation length) - $30.00 + shipping
Stake (10") - $8.00 + shipping
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  TY TUFF Stix - $30.00
• 62" long x 1.25" diameter
• Comfortably fits 5 Ty Tuff strings
• Removable top
• Variety of colors/styles

TY TUFF Sweatshirt

TY TUFF Sweatshirt
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  TY TUFF Hooded Sweatshirt - $45.00

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  TY TUFF T-Shirt - $15.00
• Original Ty Tuff logo screenprint
• heather grey
• 50% cotton/50% polyester
• Youth Large, Adult small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XL

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  Challenge T-shirt - $20.00
• Available in sizes S, M, L


For more information or to place an order please call Deb Gunderson.
Visa/MC accepted