The Original TY TUFF Goat-Tying -- Ride hard and TY TUFF!
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  Fundamentals are what separate winners from the pack. Any champion will tell you the climb to the top begins with the perfection of basic skills. And to master these skills faster, it's best to use equipment that realistically represents the actual circumstances and obstacles you'll be facing.


Maci Maher, Ty Tuff Challenge ND
Knippling Kustoms Photography

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Premier sponsors of The Challenge are King's Saddlery and TY TUFF.

"Life is not about expecting, hoping and wishing; it's about doing, being and becoming."  ~ Mike Dooley

  Get the edge on the competition


For goat tyers, there is no better practice tool than the TY TUFF goat tying dummy. This remarkable 8 lb. teaching aid was designed by nationally-recognized instructor Deb Gunderson to help her students practice and understand the basics of goat tying. It is a durable, full size dummy with flexible, lifelike legs -- making it the perfect simulation of a real goat.

The TY TUFF goat tying dummy:
• helps you learn and understand the basics quickly and easily
• allows you to improve your technique and consistency without struggling against the weight, resistance and agility of a live goat
• helps you perfect a faster, more accurate tie
• can easily be packed in the saddle compartment of your trailer

It is easy to understand why TY TUFF is considered the all-around champion for goat tyers at every level.

Goat tying is more than just a horse,
it takes some skills and timing of course.
You swing off your saddle and land on your feet,
your goal is to post the time to beat.
Face the challenge, things can be rough,
you'll know what to do.... just TY TUFF!

~ D Scholl