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     We knew after we attended our first Ty Tuff clinic in 2013, that it would be an annual event for us. We are the Iowa clinic hosts and we just finished up our 3rd clinic. We, and the parents that attend our clinics, are so impressed with Kayla’s professionalism, knowledge, and her expert ability to coach/mentor kids of all ages at all levels of experience. She spends time with each student and works through their own issues, whether they be mental or physical. A good portion of our students come back to our clinic every year. Our daughter is 9 and has attended 4 Ty Tuff clinics. We have no doubt that the clinics are the reason that she loves goat tying and has the confidence to compete. The mental toughness portion of the clinic is excellent! Our daughter has had a lot of success at youth rodeos at a young age, and we know it’s because she’s been under Kayla’s instruction from the beginning. The clinic is just as important for the parents, so we can listen, ask questions, and take video; which enables us to coach throughout the year. We highly recommend the Ty Tuff dummy and strings as well; they’re all we use. Thank you Kayla for being our child’s role model and coach!
  ~ Janea and Mark Johnson, Pleasantville, IA
     TY TUFF clinics are extremely beneficial for all ages and levels of goat tyers. They emphasize teaching the fundamental skills not just for goat tying, but also in the areas of horsemanship and mental toughness, which are necessary to excel in the arena. I have attended clinic from both Deb and Kayla beginning at age 6 and continued through my college career. I would very highly recommend their clinics to anyone interested in starting the correct way, or looking to step up their game. They offer more than just a two day clinic by giving you a lifetime of friendship, guidance and support!
  ~ Allison Wittkopp, Circle, MT
     Ty Tuff Goat Tying Clinics have taught my children much more than the basics of goat tying. Kayla and Deb are wonderful about helping each kid with their individual needs. They are also more than willing to step in and help with any horse issues that occur. There is ongoing positive reinforcement along with a stern hand when needed. It is great for girls and definitely for boys who want to goat tie in Jr High rodeos. My kids have learned that if you want something, you have to work for it by taking care of yourself, your horse, and maintaining a healthy positive attitude. I have also been very impressed with their desire to maintain a relationship with the kids and help them throughout the year as well. I highly recommend Ty Tuff to anyone who wants their kids to learn how to do goat tying the right way.
  ~ Jona Kvamme, Carrington, ND
     My name is Kathy Schramm and I have taken my daughter, Shelby, to several of Kayla's clinics. I was so impressed with the clinic that I now host a Ty Tuff Clinic. I have taken Shelby to other clinics and the Ty Tuff clinic is by the far the best clinic and the most economical clinic that we have attended. Kayla covers all aspects of goat tying-the approach, the dismount, the flank, the tie and how to finish. She also covers the health of you and your horse, the care of your horse and your tack. But most important, she covers the mental aspect of the sport and how to deal with the pressure of competition. Kayla gets to know each of her students and the best way to teach that student. I have seen Kayla work with students who have never tied to advance high school competitors. Kayla works with each student individually in the area that will improve their times. Kayla follow up with her Ty Tuff students and reminds them of the areas that they need to work on and offers encouragement. Kayla's students keep in contact with her and they call, text and send videos of their runs and Kayla coaches and keeps in contact with her students throughout the year. Several years ago, a two sisters from Wisconsin went to Deb's Ty Tuff clinics. Those sisters dominated goat tying in Wisconsin. When I scheduled my first Ty Tuff clinic a few years ago, the girls that had to compete against the Ty Tuff students were now mom's and couldn't wait to sign up their daughter's for the clinic. The Ty Tuff clinics and teaching methods are proven and the results show in the rodeo arena. I would highly recommend attending or hosting a Ty Tuff clinic. I have only received two complaints as a hostess; The first -- I need to get Kayla to come to Wisconsin more often. The second complaint is from my high school students-They wish they would have started attending the Ty Tuff clinics when they were younger. Sign your son or daughter up for the nearest clinic, they will thank you for it!
  ~ Kathy Schramm, Lancaster, WI
     I attribute a huge amount of my success to Ty Tuff. From the fundamentals of goat tying, to horsemanship and mental attitude, Ty Tuff has been an essential part of my rodeo career. I believe this is the best way out there and I am thankful I have been with Deb and Kayla from the beginning.

~ Kate Sharon
2007 NHSFR Goat Tying Champion
2011 CNFR Goat Tying Champion


     To give our 4 daughters the best chance at being champion goat-tyers we take them to Deb and Kayla twice a year. It has been amazing to watch what they have accomplished under Deb and Kayla’s tutelage.  If you want to become a winner then I would highly recommend going to the Ty Tuff clinics. Our girls have won and placed consistently thanks to Deb and Kayla’s hard work and dedication to making their students the best. The skills that can be gained from these clinics are undeniable. You walk away with a positive winning attitude and the skills to back it up. Our girls are always sad when the clinic is over and hungry for their next rodeo.


~ Kelly Orahood
Mother of
Jessie Orahood- 2009 Montana Wrangler Jr. High State Champion and 2010 Montana YRA year-end champion goat-tyer
Frankie Orahood- Montana YRA and Montana Jr. High rodeo average winner
Billie Orahood- 2x Montana YRA Peewee year-end goat-tying champion
Georgia Orahood- 2x reserve Montana YRA Peewee year-end goat-tying champion

     The TY TUFF dummy is the most realistic practice tool available to a goat tyer.  I've been using it for 10 years.  It has helped me perfect my tie without wearing out real goats. As a coach, I bring TY TUFF dummies to every practice.  When a girl is having trouble keeping her elbow out or her tie smooth, the TY TUFF is the answer.  I highly recommend it to any goat tyer who is serious about being fast and consistent. From beginners to experts, this is the best dummy there is for a goat tyer.
  ~ Jackie Olson
NHSFR and CNFR Qualifier
Women's Rodeo Coach
Iowa Central Community College
     I highly recommend the TY TUFF goat tying dummy to all levels of competition. The dummy is amazing because you can work on so many different fundamentals at all levels of tying. The TY TUFF goat tying dummy is built tuff, it is portable and its body structure makes you feel like you are tying a real goat. I have had my TY TUFF for 10 years now and it is still intact. I take it to rodeos to help me warm up for an event or use it as a learning tool if I am having problems with one specific step in my run, from body position to gathering and tying. It goes to the practice pen and even in the house on and off season. I use it often to practice the little things or fundamentals in my run. I believe this is what it takes to be successful, “the little things.” The TY TUFF goat tying dummy has been worth every cent and more. If heading to a rodeo, jackpot, or the practice pen, (I have even taken it on vacation with me), I don’t leave home without it!!
  ~ Patty Jo Burress
1995 Great Plains Regional Goat Tying Champion
1998 NDRA Goat Tying Champion
3x SDRA Reserve Goat Tying Champion