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      “7 years ago I never would have thought I would be where I am today. One big asset Ty Tuff has is their Ty Tuff Dummy. Their dummy is so helpful in correcting all of the little mistakes, everything from perfecting your gather to finishing your tie. The goat tying dummy that Ty Tuff sells are very good quality and they last forever. I use my dummy to perfect the things that I struggle with and work on making the little things faster. It is really nice to have to be able to go back to basics if a night in the practice pen is not going as planned. You can slow everything down and fix the little mistakes. It has really helped me to be able to speed up my tie, making my wraps smoother and quicker. The Ty Tuff dummy is worth every cent. It can be used for every level of goat tyer. I take my dummy to all the rodeos and use it to warm up before my runs. I even keep my dummy in my house to practice tying in my free time. Ty Tuff has so much to offer, their clinics are so beneficial, and Kayla is so willing to help create amazing goat tiers.”

  ~ Madison Kontz ~ Ty Tuff Student
      “Ty Tuff has shaped me into the goat tier I am today from the skills I have learned on the dummy to horse work. Being taught the basics from a young age has allowed me to be successful at every level. The Ty Tuff dummy is very realistic and useful for perfecting your tie and keeping your hands fast. Learning how to work with my goat horses and proper dismount positioning has been an essential skill that has helped me and my horses to be at our best when competing. Learning the fundamentals of the flank, gather, and tie has helped me continue to practice good form throughout the years. I have been lucky to work with Kayla for many years and highly recommend Ty Tuff.”
  ~ Baylee Johnston ~ Ty Tuff Student

          “If you are looking for a way to take your child to the next level in goat tying, Ty Tuff is the way to go. My daughter has been to a Ty Tuff clinic every year for the past 8 years. She was taught the fundamentals correctly at a young age and each clinic she attends there have been improvements each time.  Kayla is amazing at working with the students.  She figures out right away how each student learns and what is the best way to instruct them.  Kayla is very good at getting each student the individual help that will push them and take them to the next level, as she has high expectations for her students.  She asks a lot from them but is always right there willing to give them all they need from her as a coach. 
As a parent, it has been so amazing to watch her with my daughter. From teaching her the fundamentals, to teaching her the next steps, correcting bad habits and now that my daughter is older it's all about tweaking and fine tuning her technique to help her become the champion she wants to be. Honestly, anyone can goat tie, but if you want your child to become a champion, Ty Tuff is the way to go.”

  ~ Kelly Kontz ~ Mother of Ty Tuff Student