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TY TUFF students have a high rate of success on the local, state, regional and national level.

*Tuition- $300 includes $150 non-refundable deposit due two weeks before the clinic to secure student's spot.
*Tuition is $325 if flying to the clinic site.
*Clinic focuses on groundwork, dismounting, horsemanship and mental toughness with video taping and playback for critiquing.
*Age level depends on child, usually like them to be 7.
*Beginner to advanced levels girls and boys welcome!
*Clinic letter will be sent out after deposit is sent in to give student further information specifically related to the clinic in which they are enrolled.
For more current information on clinics and what's going on, check TYTUFF Goat Tying private fan page on Facebook.
"The primary reward is not the goal, but what you become as a result of doing all that was necessary to reach the goal. You become a more powerful and effective human being." If you do not achieve your goal, it doesn’t mean you failed, as long as you learned from the experience.